Chair Yoga


Chair yoga is perfect for those individuals that would like to start a yoga practice and may consider that they don’t have the flexibility or balance to join a regular yoga class. It is also perfect for people with injuries or older people that may not want or are not able to do poses standing, seating on the floor or lying down on a mat. A chair is one more prop that can be used in yoga, just like a strap, blocks, blankets or bolsters.

The main purpose of props is to help the practitioner to perform the poses or asanas, which are difficult to perform, independently. They also allowed to stay stronger and relax in more difficult asanas thus, attaining their full benefit.

Frequent questions

I invite you to see the frequently asked questions of my students:

How do I access the classes?

Classes will be posted on Instagram, online classes will be via Zoom, in-person One-on-One classes will be in my studio or at your location.

If a video is posted on my webpage, you will be able to watch it on your phone and/or your laptop/desktop.

Who are Chair Yoga Classes for?

Chair yoga is good for those individuals that have not done yoga in the past and might not be comfortable practicing on a mat, for senior citizens, and for people with minor musculoskeletal injuries. Chair yoga is particularly well-suited to people who use wheelchairs and those rehabilitating after surgeries, living with chronic illnesses, or dealing with balance issues that make it hard to get down onto a yoga mat. When you are sitting down on a chair or using it as a prop, for balance, the safety factor significantly increases.

If a video is posted on my webpage, you will be able to watch it on your phone and/or your laptop/desktop.

Are the classes taught in German?

No, classes are in English or Spanish.

What is Warrior at Ease?

Warriors at Ease (WAE) uses yoga as an additional therapy for combat-related injuries and illnesses of the military population.


As a trained Level 1 teacher, I learned to emphasize the utilization of the WAE techniques as tools for students to discover self-regulation by way of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) addressing cumulative stress, residual stress, and trauma unique to the military service lifestyle.

Where are Warriors at Ease yoga classes offered?

Warriors at Ease Classes are for the active military community and for veterans. They are usually offered at military bases or Veteran Centers.

“I've always follow your yogini path, and it looked like a really beautiful place to grow. But not for me with my two replaced knees, old body and zero balance. You have teach me that Yoga is for EVERYONE and I'm so grateful for having you in my life. It's a very demanding not painful way of exercise not only for my body but my brain and soul. Chair Yoga is wonderful and now I'm working on my balance, concentration and sitting down and getting up from the floor while breathing in good air and exhale all the bad stuff out. Yoga has become my new philosophy. Soraya I love you for being, thank you very much”

Iraida Mendez Sosa

“La experiencia de haber aprendido el Yoga y de practicarlo bajo la conducción de Soraya, ha sido muy especial por lo profesional y la calidad humana en su dirección, siempre muy pendiente de que lo hagamos bien y sin exponernos a molestias físicas al realizarlo, lo he disfrutado mucho y siempre pendiente de un nuevo ejercicio a aprender”

Efrain Riera

“Nuestra profesora de yoga, Soraya, es una extraordinaria profesora, buen trato, tiene mucha paciencia y trata muy bien. Yo soy una Sra de 70 años con dolor en un hombro y siempre está pendiente de los ejercicios que tengo que hacer para no lesionarme el hombro. No la cambio por ningún otro profesor de yoga. Es Excelente”

Gisela Reverón

"Para mi tu eres una excelente profesora de Yoga. La forma como nos dirijes demuestra tu experiencia y lo maravilloso de tu trato y sobretodo tu pasión con el yoga"

Sonia Riera