Yoga 4 Cancer


Yoga 4 Cancer (Y4C) or oncology yoga is a specialized yoga methodology that is customized to address the specific physical and emotional needs left by cancer and its treatment. This particular methodology uses movement as well as gentle and restorative poses. It focuses on stimulating the Immune System through movement to improve flexibility and strength.

What I have seen with working with cancer patients and survivors is absolutely amazing and heart warming. Yoga is a wonderful practice and all of yoga disciplines help the practitioner improve his/her way of life; however the fruits of working with cancer patients and survivors are priceless. Seeing how their lives improve, how their flexibility, their balance, their mental health, steadily get better and better is the best feeling a service provider can ask for. How the breath help them in many situations and how what they have learnt becomes useful and aids them in difficult situations. Another beautiful aspect is the building of a community and the freedom of opening up and sharing what is in their hearts and weighs them down; and witnessing the beauty of letting go and its health benefits.

Frequent questions

I invite you to see the frequently asked questions of my students:

How do I access the classes?

Classes will be posted on Instagram, online classes will be via Zoom, in-person One-on-One classes will be in my studio or at your location.

If a video is posted on my webpage, you will be able to watch it on your phone and/or your laptop/desktop.

Do you offer Y4C classes online?

Ideally, Y4C classes should be taught at an in-person yoga class. Once you have had an in-person class and understanding of the methodology, you can take classes online.

Are the classes taught in German?

No, classes are in English or Spanish.

What is Warrior at Ease?

Warriors at Ease (WAE) uses yoga as an additional therapy for combat-related injuries and illnesses of the military population.


As a trained Level 1 teacher, I learned to emphasize the utilization of the WAE techniques as tools for students to discover self-regulation by way of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) addressing cumulative stress, residual stress, and trauma unique to the military service lifestyle.

Where are Warriors at Ease yoga classes offered?

Warriors at Ease Classes are for the active military community and for veterans. They are usually offered at military bases or Veteran Centers.

“During my cancer treatment I had the opportunity to have Soraya as a yoga teacher. She is a joy to be around and always made me feel comfortable and at peace. I appreciate how she gave alternatives to accommodate my pains and shortcomings and allowed me to experience yoga in such a difficult situation. I hope that everyone has the opportunity of finding such a caring and sweet person as Soraya as a yoga teacher”

Andrea Dávila

“I was a participant of in-person yoga class, as well as on-line zoom yoga, with Soraya Riera leading the yoga session. Soraya understands each person's needs and encourages each person to participate to their optimum but not to injure themselves. She would precede with warm-up movements to prepare our muscles for the yoga poses. The classes lasted about one hour each, and were good yoga conditioning, as well as relaxing and energizing at the same time. I would highly recommend taking Soraya's classes as she is friendly, welcoming and works with you at the level you are at, while encouraging you to do more”

Lori Rapoza

“I hated yoga…then I took a Yoga for Cancer class taught by Soraya to possibly help me with my balance and strength after my horrendous chemo and radiation treatments. Soraya changed my opinion after only one class. There was none of the frustrations of being unable to hold a pose. She was attentive to each one of us, correcting us as we went through the various poses. Unfortunately, our classes ended with the pandemic. I, personally, miss the best yoga instructor I ever had”

Lani Chun