Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is a type of guided meditation that seeks to combine deep relaxation with attentive awareness. It is an ideal practice to induce profound relaxation in your body and mind, to get rid of stress, anxiety, anger and depression, to overcome insomnia, to solve personal and interpersonal problems, and to resolve trauma. Its practice reinforces the immune system, consequently preventing diseases. It brings about joy and good spirits. 

Frequent questions

I invite you to see the frequently asked questions of my students:

How do I access the classes?

Classes will be posted on Instagram, online classes will be via Zoom, in-person One-on-One classes will be in my studio or at your location.

If a video is posted on my webpage, you will be able to watch it on your phone and/or your laptop/desktop.

Are the classes taught in German?

No, classes are in English or Spanish.

What is Warrior at Ease?

Warriors at Ease (WAE) uses yoga as an additional therapy for combat-related injuries and illnesses of the military population.


As a trained Level 1 teacher, I learned to emphasize the utilization of the WAE techniques as tools for students to discover self-regulation by way of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) addressing cumulative stress, residual stress, and trauma unique to the military service lifestyle.

Where are Warriors at Ease yoga classes offered?

Warriors at Ease Classes are for the active military community and for veterans. They are usually offered at military bases or Veteran Centers.

“In this world of instant gratification pursuits with no clear healing results, Yoga Nidra comes to mind as an excellent way to create balance in this fast moving society! Soraya has been able to guide me to take the path to heal my mind of this constant chatter, even in my darkest moments. This practice of Yoga Nidra has brought me calmness and inner peace. Not only does Soraya bring a great coping mechanism that does not involve a quick reward but a slow, realistic, safe and grounding feeling of being at ease and content with one's individuality and journey. Soraya has the gift with her calming voice and vast knowledge to bring you to a point of contemplation with an open mind. I have found that Yoga Nidra brings an acceptance of my limitations with grace, being in the present and happy with who I am. This experience provides a quite mind that is able to accomplish more with ease and a profound sense of well being and focus. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” Yoga Nidra opens the door to learn how to have more compassion and patience with the self and others”

Mónica Gomis-Steele