Hatha Yoga


When practicing yoga, our body is our temple, so we must listen to our body and honor it. The body will tell us how far we can go, therefore allowing us to find our limitations and then, building from them.

In yoga less is more; and a picture prefect pose is Your pose, where you are, what you are working on and how far you have gone.

Yoga is a practice of going within and getting to know your body and yourself. Is a practice where our breath plays a fundamental role and helps us get further into our poses and always closer to the stillness of our minds. It is a lovely journey into achieving good health, physically and mentally.

Frequent questions

I invite you to see the frequently asked questions of my students:

How do I access the classes?

Classes will be posted on Instagram, online classes will be via Zoom, in-person One-on-One classes will be in my studio or at your location.

If a video is posted on my webpage, you will be able to watch it on your phone and/or your laptop/desktop.

What levels of Hatha do you teach?

I teach beginners and intermediate students.

Are the classes taught in German?

No, classes are in English or Spanish.

What is Warrior at Ease?

Warriors at Ease (WAE) uses yoga as an additional therapy for combat-related injuries and illnesses of the military population.


As a trained Level 1 teacher, I learned to emphasize the utilization of the WAE techniques as tools for students to discover self-regulation by way of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) addressing cumulative stress, residual stress, and trauma unique to the military service lifestyle.

Where are Warriors at Ease yoga classes offered?

Warriors at Ease Classes are for the active military community and for veterans. They are usually offered at military bases or Veteran Centers.

“Sus clases siempre son maravillosas, porque me ayudan a trabajar todo mi cuerpo y a la vez sentirme relajada. Me gusta como ella crea un balance entres sentirme conectada con mi cuerpo y a la vez irme llevando a explorar con algunos tips nuevas y avanzadas posturas. Siempre termino sus clases sintiendo una sensación de bienestar en mi cuerpo y en mi mente. Le pone corazón y mística a sus prácticas de yoga”

Marieva Carla Dávila

“I practiced Yoga with Soraya for a few years, before and during Covid. She is easy to talk to and will want to know your level of knowledge of yoga and if there are any physical ailments you have, to be aware of, to work on or avoid damaging/pain. She always starts slow, with silence and composure, then gradually moves you through breathing and stretching asanas, (poses). She gives clear verbal instructions for poses and will physically check to see if your body is in the right position to maximize the result. Her lesson flows easily and ends with a nice relaxing lying down meditation and closure to the day's practice. Anyone would be blessed to take a yoga lesson from Soraya Riera”

Shari Laubach